Banarsi Handwoven Kataan Silk


Banarsi Handwoven Kataan Silk

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Product Description

This saree uses Pure Mulberry Silk warp and weft. When you picture a silk product in your mind, you usually mean mulberry silk. It has the soft feel and subtle sheen which you associate with a silk product.

The saree features the Kadhuan Brocade weaving technique, considered to be the epitome of handloom brocade weaving, to create the motifs. Each buta is woven individually with a hand shuttle, diligently, one line at a time by a master weaver. Weaving time for each saree is usually in excess of 45 days, often significantly longer.

The saree measures approximately 6.5 meters (256 inches) in length,nearly 990 g in weight.

The saree comes with an unstitched blouse piece measuring 70-80 cms. The blouse/substitute that the model is wearing is for illustration purpose only.

Useful Tip. To see the richeness of the weave and zari in a handwoven saree, we recommend you see the fabric along the length. In a handloom saree, the motif yarns and zari, if any, run across the width, and the richness of motifs is more visible when your line of sight is perpendicular to these motif yarns, i.e. when your sight runs along the length of the saree. Disclaimer This is a hand-woven product and any irregularities in the weaving or pattern should not be taken as a defect. These irregularities makes every piece of handloom unique.
All our images are of actual products that we dispatch. However, please allow for some color difference from the images due to variations in how cameras read colors, how different screen types reproduce colors differently and also how colors look different in different lighting conditions. Product colors may look more vibrant and brighter on screen than when viewed physically. Similarly, colors will look more vibrant in yellow lights compared to white lights.
Please note that the exact feel of a product depends on many factors beside the type of yarns used. These include the type of weaving, the nature of design, use of zari in motifs, the thickness of yarns, whether yarns are twisted before weaving, the finishing applied on the finished products, et al. These factors together can make one product feel different from another even if both use the same yarn type. Despite our best efforts, some of these product characteristics may not be adequately captured in product images. We highly recommend that you consider the unique product characteristics and make a smart choice that best suits your taste.
There is no guarantee for colour or Zari. We only recommend dry clean for our products.

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